TES PTO Membership

TES PTO Membership Form – Your $10 annual family membership along with our PTO fundraising dollars allow us to sponsor these activities and so much more.

TES PTO Volunteer Form –  Get involved in helping throughout the year.  With different degrees of commitment there is an opportunity for every parent

Structure  – The  PTO consists of an Executive Board, Committees, and individual or group volunteers.  Membership and participation in the PTO provides an opportunity to be involved in any or all of these committees.  Whether you are a working or stay-at-home parent, the structure of these committees as well as the type of support needed, tries to accommodate the mix.  A complete committee listing, as well as individual volunteer opportunities, is available on the PTO Membership link.

Meetings – Monthly meetings held the first Wednesday of the month at Timmons Elementary School – 9:30 a.m. (unless otherwise specified here).

By-Laws – View PTO By-Laws >

Conduct/Code of Ethics  –  TES PTO fosters a culture that incorporates the parent community, teachers, school staff and administration as “key” to  successful and diplomatic discussions and exchange of ideas.  TES PTO strives to serve the school and parent communities by:

  • holding itself to the highest standards of personal and professional ethics
  • treating others with dignity and respect despite any differences and disagreements
  • respecting others in all interactions and exchange including social media language and actions
  • accepts responsibility for mistakes and works diligently to make corrections
  • promotes and thrives in the spirit of on-going cooperation with others

Communications – PTO’s primary method of communications is the use of this website, direct emails to all members, complete broadcast of PTO sponsored school wide activities via Constant Contact, and an electronic volunteer sign up service via SIGN-UP GENIUS when scheduling volunteer commitments.

Our Standards:

  • effective listening and responsiveness
  • timely communications
  • promoting and encouraging positive relationships in all interactions
  • incorporation of feedback into strategies that will serve long term benefit
Continuous Improvement – In the spirit of welcoming new members and fresh ideas, TES PTO will keep an open mind to new and innovative ways of thinking and embrace the notion of continuous improvement by:
  • creating opportunities to shadow existing chairs
  • networking and learning from others’ ideas
  • keeping a vision and commitment to learning the new trends in technology
  • seeking honest feedback from others
  • staying abreast of national and effective PTO related trends
The official  TES PTO Bulletin board, located near the lobby of the main entrance, is updated monthly and provides a venue for on-site communication with TES PTO.

Fundraising –  PTO serves to provide financial support and backing to TES students, teachers, and the school itself.   An annual contribution and volunteer/membership campaign is held at the beginning of the school year.  The primary fund raiser for TES PTO is typically an academic based program running 1-2 weeks.  Other events that  provide funds for specific programs include:  Book Fairs, Points Program, and Holiday Cookie Sale.

Sponsorship – In addition to supporting curricular activities, funds raised are used to sponsor TES PTO extra-fun activities throughout the school year.  Kicking off the year is the annual Family Movie Night held outdoors  under the early fall skies (weather permitting) .  And just as the school year greets the new calendar year, students embark on an every changing child to book experience via One School One Book, which utilizes services and funds from PTO membership.  And finally, as the end of the year hits the heights of excitement, the PTO sponsored Family Night and school-wide Year End Barbecue celebrates yet another fulfilling and successful school year and PTO fundraising campaign.

Additional PTO funding support includes  enhancements to the facility and building such as the playground, technology upgrades, in-class/teacher projects, and so much more!

Contribution/Fee – Through an annual TES PTO Membership and contribution campaign we are able to sustain the PTO forum as well as service the TES Community.  Your membership in PTO is extremely valuable to its success.  Whether you are able to contribute financially, participate by attending meetings, joining a committee, volunteering your time, or join for informational purposes only, every and any contribution is greatly appreciated as it provides such  value to the types of activities we can sponsor for students.