TES PTO Events

TES PTO *Sponsored and Supported Events


Meet the Teacher

Students are invited to meet their new teacher and drop off supplies prior to the start of the school  year.  PTO may provide a venue for parents to purchase Kenston Bomber Wear tshirts, socks, jackets and jerseys.

Parent Orientation

An evening event for “parents only” to meet teachers and attend a group presentation in their child’s classroom.   Light refreshments are donated by the  PTO, its members and the Timmons family.

*Points Store Sign Ups/Fall Collection

An opportunity for parents and families to support the funding of PTO sponsored activities by gaining points thru their grocery shopping ventures.

*Book Fair

Book Fairs are held in the fall and spring of each school year. The fairs run a full week and feature select books for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade.
Parents, Grandparents and TES families are welcome to shop and are required to check in at the main office.

Library Visits – Students will visit the Book Fair as a class during their regularly scheduled library time. The purpose of the visit is to encourage and provide a positive and independent decision-making experience for each child. Whether purchasing books or simply window shopping, parents are encouraged to prepare their child accordingly. Suggesting books (i.e. Breakfast & Books visit), writing the titles down, providing appropriate funds or asking your child to make a wish list are all helpful ways to ensure a favorable and fun experience.

Teacher’s Picks and Wish List – Want to help populate your child’s class library? Be sure to ask Book Fair/PTO staff for your teacher’s wish list. Teachers gleefully peruse the book fair selections for the year’s “hot picks” and “top sellers” to add to their reading programs. Join in the fun and surprise your teacher with a donation you choose from their list. Gift labels are provided

Picture books, Early Readers and Chapter books are displayed for easy reference and real time purchase. Families and TES students can visit the fair throughout the week in several ways:
Breakfast & Books – During the Fall Book Fair, TES PTO volunteers setup and arrange for an early morning light breakfast snack for TES students and their parents.

*Breakfast and BooksFood Tree

The Breakfast & Books visit allows for parents and grandparents to visit the fair and participate in their child’s book fair purchases. Purchases can be made that morning, on the spot. It is also a great way to prepare your child or select a book to be purchased by your child during their scheduled library class visit. And of course, sweetening things up are the courtesy breakfast treats and goodies. Plan on spending some sit-down time over a muffin, yogurt or fruit snacks and talking…books!

NOTE: Parking for Breakfast & Books is available in the TES Bus Loop from 7:15am – 8:15am. Please have vehicle moved by 8:15am to prepare for the arrival of School Buses and students.


TES/PTO Friday Movie Night

Family Movie NightUnder the starry sky and weather permitting, TES families come together for PTO’s version of a drive-in movie. Festivities begin shortly after the end of the school day and conclude with sleepy-eyed children and movie credits. The TES playground buzzes early with children challenging their inner ninja jumping, climbing and swinging to the victory of their happy hearts.

*PTO Fundraiser

The TES PTO hosts a two-week fundraiser each year.

Fall Parent Teacher Conferences

Parents meet one-on-one with pre-scheduled Parent Teacher Conferencetime slots arranged during Parent Orientation Night. PTO parents provide hospitality to all teachers and staff with freshly made entrees, sides and desserts.

PTO Chairs will use Sign Up Genius to contact parents who  indicated an interest to donate or volunteer on the PTO Membership registration form.

Fall Class Parties

Students kick off the fall season with a Parade of Costumes, visiting each class within their grade to Pumpkinsshare their Halloween and Seasonal spirit with a return to their class for party festivities.  The party includes, snacks, games and crafts.  The event is co-organized between the school and PTO.  The PTO assigned Room Reps will coordinate volunteer opportunities for parents to participate.




Holiday Cookie Sale

CookiesA request for PTO and TES parents to consider donating baked holiday cookies in support of the ongoing sustainable energy efforts and strategies.  Done in part with Kenston High School’s Silver Bells Holiday Boutique, this event as it brings out the best recipes and decorative cookies you can imagine.

Winter/Holiday Class Party

It’s the perfect season, and darn good reason to celebrate the end of the calendar year with another class party.   The party includes, snacks, games and crafts.  The event is co-organized between the school and PTO.  The PTO assigned Room Reps will coordinate volunteer opportunities for parents to participate.


Box Top Points CONTEST

Box Top Logo


Parent Teacher Conference

Parents meet one-on-one with per-scheduled time slots arranged independently and as needed by their child’s teacher.  PTO parents provide hospitality to all teachers and staff with light snacks and drinks.

Valentine’s Day PartyHeart with Arrow

“Be mine forever”. “XOXO” and other endearing greetings and sweetness are shared at the Valentine’s Day Party.  Like all class parties, PTO assigned class Room Reps coordinate the activities with TES parents and class teachers to make this day special.


Family Night

The Timmon’s Elementary School building is the setting for a crazy and fun night Family Nightof entertainment, shows, activities and refreshments.  An indoor event that PTO strategically plans in order to accommodate the mass number of participants.  Using the gym, multi-purpose room, grade pods and hallways, the building vibrates with energy and sound of children…being children!  This is a MUST DO for TES Families.  A complete FAMILY NIGHT OUT created just for you.  All you need to do is show up!


Book Fair

Boxtops/Points Spring Collection

Grandparents Day


Staff Appreciation Day

End of the Year Party